14 februari
09.00 - 17.00

Focus areas

Focus areas to be discussed during the conference will be:

  • How can you use PAP-S in various cultural contexts with various pre-conditions?
  • How can you adopt tools for disease prevention and treatment to function in new settings?
  • How can you work with stakeholders to increase the awareness for physical activity on prescription as a tool in health care.

The conference language will be in English.


The conference is free of charge.

After the conference you will be able to:

  • Outline of the results and experiences from the EUPAP project
    • Implementing PAP-S in different context and with different pre-conditions
    • How to communicate and disseminate implementation of a best practice project
    • Demonstrate the process of developing and adopting tools for implementation of a best practice project.
  • Apply new knowledge of physical activity as a tool for disease prevention and treatment.
  • Apply how to upscale a local project to an national level


Annmarie Wesley, annmarie.wesley@folkhalsomyndigheten.se


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