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Updated 17 May 2018

About us

The Unit for Antibiotics and Infection Control at the Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS) is a designated WHO Collaborating Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Containment.

The Collaborating Centre's work is supported by the Swedish Government. The Unit for Antibiotics and Infection Control has extensive knowledge and long term experience in the work on AMR surveillance, rational use of antibiotics and infection prevention and control. The work against AMR at PHAS is conducted in several parts of the organization, spanning over prevention, surveillance and laboratory analyses.

Gruppbild på alla medarbetare vid WHO Collaborating Centre
WHO Collaborating Centre for AMR Containment staff. Photo: PHAS.

The activities of the Collaborating Centre are aligned with the WHO AMR Surveillance and Quality Assessment Collaborating Centre Network, and include support for capacity building in countries to promote local and national use of surveillance data and facilitate participation and implementation of the Global AMR Surveillance System (GLASS).

The Collaborating Centre supports WHO in its pivotal role in ensuring that Member States are committed to global AMR surveillance and that they have the capacities needed to participate, by providing technical knowledge and human capacity. The long term aim is to promote a one health approach, between the veterinary, food and environmental sectors, to include work towards monitoring the use of antibiotics and to stimulate rational use.