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Updated 29 May 2019

Infection prevention in Ukraine, Slovenia and Lithuania

The European Joint Action on AMR and health care associated infections enables exchange and implementation of best practices on infection prevention and control and other activities aimed at containing AMR across European countries. The HIWE initiative extends this collaboration to non European Union member states Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

Workshop on implementation of guidelines for CAUTI prevention in Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Public Health Agency of Sweden arranged a workshop at the Kharkov Medical University in Ukraine on the topic of "Prevention and Control of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections,

Including strategies for Implementation and Improvement Work" on the 9th of April. This was done within the frame of the project HIWE (Healthcare Improvement Work in Europe: implementing guidelines preventing HCAI).

The attendants of the workshop were local health care professionals (epidemiologists, nurses and doctors) and the speakers were international experts from Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova and Sweden. The first part of the day consisted of presentations and the second part consisted of a session inspired by the World Café-method. The aim to share experience and knowledge between the participating countries was clearly met, since one typical answer in the evaluation of the workshop was "The conference was held at a very high level. It was very enjoyable to be in the circle of like-minded people and colleagues".

Swedish visit to Slovenia; Country to country assessment

A multidisciplinary team from Sweden visited Slovenia for three days in April for discussions on the implementation of the national action plan on AMR and on One Health strategies. The meeting was held as part of the EU JAMRAI Work Package 5; Implementation of One Health National Strategies and National Action Plans for AMR, and allowed for reflection on policy options and providing recommendations to support the country on the development and implementation of the NAP. Representatives from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and Swedish National Veterinary Institute participated and met with the Slovenian Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Public Health, and the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, which also arranged for a laboratory visit.

The focus of the meeting was on AMR in both human and veterinary medicine with presentations covering surveillance of AMR and AMU, infection prevention and control as well as communication and awareness on AMR. A report with conclusions of the visit is under development, based on the conclusions from the discussions and presentations by the Swedish and Slovenian teams. The three days provided a good opportunity to share experiences, and learn more on Slovenia's abilities and strengths as well as challenges ahead.

Workshop on implementation in Vilnius, Lithuania

On 14 May, the Public Health Agency of Sweden organized a workshop within the frame of EU-JAMRAI WP6.2. The aim was to deepen the knowledge about implementation, and about the Breakthrough Series (BTS) model for Improvement in particular. The workshop was hosted by the Lithuanian team, at Vilnius University Hospital.

Dr. Walter Zingg, University of Geneva Hospitals, held a much appreciated guest lecture about the core components of infection prevention and control, and the consolidated framework for implementation research. The workshop enabled sharing of experiences about implementation of guidelines for preventing catheter associated urinary tract infections. Information about EU-JAMRAI can be found at the EU-JAMRAI website.