The responsibility comprises, among other things, coordination, development, and administration of a monitoring system, Indikatorlabbet, with a large number of ANDT-related indicators. Data is collected from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, other agencies and organisations.

The indicators describe the development in the following main areas:

  • access to alcohol and tobacco based on price, number of points of sale, opening hours, etc.
  • supervision of municipalities in accordance with the Alcohol act and Tobacco act
  • consumption/usage of alcohol, narcotics, doping and tobacco
  • preventive ANDT interventions among municipalities
  • injuries from personal use and use by others of alcohol and narcotics
  • access to healthcare and mortality caused by alcohol, narcotics and tobacco.

Indikatorlabbet mainly targets decision-makers and officials who work with these issues within governmental agencies, county administrative boards, county councils, regions, municipalities and organisations.

Read more about the strategy on the Swedish Government website

Presentation of Indikatorlabbet (PDF, 110 kB)