28 september - 10 december
Digitally via link
Digitally via link

Time: The course starts at 09.00 a.m. and ends at 17.00 p.m. (CET).


This is a course in the core components of the Swedish PAP-method.

The course will, due to COVID-19, be held digitally via link. It is held for four days at three different occasions – 28-29 September, 7 October and 10 December.

It includes lectures, discussions, a home assignment and a follow up.

The course will provide basic knowledge and skills for prescribing physical activity according to the PAP-S method and includes:

  • Basic concept of the Swedish PAP-method
  • Physical activity and health overview (with examples from common diagnoses)
  • FYSS
  • Risk assessment
  • Person-centered care, behavioural change theories and interview technique overview and brief skill practice
  • Clinical reasoning and individualization of the prescribed physical activity
  • Practical exercises, physical activity intensity estimation etc.
  • Implementation tools and planning for implementation in own context/country
  • Study visit

Programme details (PDF, 396 kB)

Practical information and a link for you to connect to, will be sent in advance of the course.

Language: English

Target groups

The course is designed for healthcare professionals who will work with physical activity prescription as a tool to prevent and treat disease, as well as for educators who will plan and arrange courses in their own countries and contexts.

The registration is only open for specially invited within the EUPAP-project.


Registration is now closed.


Agnetha Bäckman