Uppdaterad 24 augusti 2022

About us

Antibiotikasmart® Sverige is an innovation environment, launched in November 2019 and funded the first 5 years by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, within the funding call Vision-driven health. It requires a mission-oriented approach where different actors work to meet societal health challenges.

The official partners of the core team are the Public Health Agency of Sweden, RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden, ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance and Strama – the Swedish Strategic Programme Against Antibiotic Resistance as well as three municipalities and three administrative regions. We also collaborate with a number of additional partners.

Antibiotikasmart® Sverige aims to create awareness of the importance of antibiotic resistance as a public health issue of relevance to the whole society.

We do this through:

  • Engaging all parts of society
  • Inspiring and engaging citizens, municipalities and regions
  • Strengthening existing initiatives
  • Contributing to new approaches and investments
  • Ensuring that all work is vision-driven and quality-oriented