About us

Antibiotic Smart Sweden started in 2019 and is led by the Swedish Public Health Agency and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Strategic Program against Antimicrobial Resistance (Strama) and ReAct Europe.

It is funded the first 5 years by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, within the funding call Vision-driven health that promotes a mission-oriented approach where different actors work to meet large societal health challenges.

Engaging communities and societies

Antibiotic Smart Sweden is a platform to implement, scale-up and share methods and technical solutions as well as coordinate roles and organisations for a united response to antibiotic resistance. It can be in the way we report antibiotic residues in water, how we work strategically to reduce infections in long-term facilities or the way we teach about the issue in schools.

We believe that the Antibiotic-Smart approach can be way to support and accelerate implementation of National Action plans on Antimicrobial Resistance.

Learn more about the initiative in this video. There is also a podcast about Antibiotic Smart Sweden released by the Uppsala Antibiotic Center during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022.

We are the official partners of the core team

In addition, we cooperate with three municipalities and four administrative regions. We also collaborate with a number of additional partners.


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