Health Care Regions

Specific criteria for different public sectors help demonstrate - in practical ways- how different parts of society can become antibiotic-smart. The criteria serve as guidance, provide inspiration and encourage commitment.

Antibiotic Smart Sweden is developing and pre-testing criteria for the following sectors in the health care regions:

Management level

Criteria under development and will be piloted during spring 2023.


In the hospital environment, the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance as well as healthcare-associated infections are a big risk to patient safety. There is already a great engagement with the issue in many hospitals and several good methods and practices have been implemented. Antibiotic Smart Sweden wants to inspire continued progress with a more structured and broader approach. The criteria are intended as a complement to already existing efforts against antibiotic resistance and prevention of infections.

Example of criteria: Have documented structure for measurement, follow-up and feedback on prescription resistance levels and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Currently, eleven hospitals throughout Sweden are piloting criteria, which will be evaluated during autumn 2023.

En flicka och anhörig med vårdpersonal i sjukhuskorridor

Primary Care

Criteria under development and will be piloted during spring 2023.