Around 100 delegates from the Nordic and Baltic Member States participated in the two day event that was hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Public Health Agency of Sweden jointly organized the meeting.

The tree main themes of dialogue that were discussed during the meeting were:

  1. Framing and communicating action on health equity and well-being to strengthen cross-sectoral policies and decision-making
  2. Models for cooperation and co-creation of health, well-being and equity between the public sector, civil society and social economy
  3. Health equity as a fundamental element in sustainable development

Based on these themes, the concluding Chair Summary from the event is that the core components of the Health 2020 policy framework is a firm basis for action and that the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a window of opportunity to put health equity and well-being within and across policy areas and priority agendas.

Please read the Chair Summary Conclusions of the event. (PDF, 274 kB)

The meeting took place under the initiative of the Nordic and Baltic collaboration on social determinants and health equity. The idea is to pass over the baton to another Member State to further develop and strengthen work on health equity and well-being between and within the Nordic and Baltic region.

Please find more information about the meeting at the Regional Office for Europe web site: Stepping up implementation of the Health 2020 vision for health equity and well-being in the Nordic and Baltic States