29 maj

Public Health Agency of Sweden, Nobels väg 18, Solna, Stockholm

About the seminar

Are you curious about how the Public Health Agency of Sweden works with different health databases and tools for data visualization?

We welcome students at universities or colleges to attend the presentation of how public health data are used.


  • Welcome to the Public Health Agency of Sweden
  • General introduction of the Public Health Agency's data sources
  • How and why do we follow public health among the Swedish population?
  • Interactive web-tool makes public health data accessible
  • Has young people's mental health declined? If so, why?
  • Antibiotic resistance in Sweden; prevention and monitoring
  • National vaccination register
  • How to use a monitoring system in the follow-up of the national ANDT-strategy 2016-2020


Please register before 24 May. We look forward seeing you at the seminar.


Questions about the seminar
Mona Lakso

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