Multiple exposures in environmental health

an integrated approach for equity and sustainable development

7 oktober
10.00 - 14.00
Conducted digitally from a studio in Stockholm

The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency are jointly hosting the 2020 ERA-ENVHEALTH open conference.

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The conference will present ongoing research and policy work on multiple exposures in environmental health, with a special focus on equity.It will be conducted digitally from a studio in Stockholm – a digital happening!

The day will be filled with good examples and inspiration on how to address exposures to several environmental factors that affect health and wellbeing in an integrated way, both from a policy and a research perspective.

Examples from different EU countries will be presented, together with tools for including an equity perspective in environmental health.

The conference will provide an arena for knowledge exchange between academia and the public sector, and aims to develop and promote national and international collaboration.

Target group

We welcome all members of the ERA-ENVHEALTH network, representatives from local, regional and national levels as well as research institutions with an interest in environmental health.


The conference is free of charge.


Please register by 7 September using the form below.


Karin Ljung Björklund, Public Health Agency of Sweden.


The Public Health Agency of Sweden together with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Open Conferences series of the EU network ERA-ENVHEALTH

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