Updated 3 November 2021

Next meeting will take place in Helsinki

Next meeting takes place as Teams webinar the 30 November organised by THL, Helsinki.

THL Head Office in Helsinki
Photo: THL

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Please, register by Tue 23rd Nov 2021): Online registration for Nordic Biosafety Network Webinar, November 30 2021

Programme NBN meeting 2021

Tabel for programme.
Central European timeHelsinki timeTopicSpeakers
9-9.10 10-10.10 Welcome Susanna Sissonen Tuija Koivula
9.10-9.35 10.10-10.35 Update of the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual Åsa Szekely Björndal (Public Health Agency of Sweden, Sweden)
9.35-10.05 10.35-11.05 ISO 35001 Standard Ulrika Allard Bengtsson (National Veterinary Institute, Sweden)
10.05-10.35 11.05-11.35 Implementation of CWA 15793/ ISO 35001 Standard in the Nordic Countries TBC, 5-10 min per each country Ulrika Allard Bengtson (National Veterinary Institute, Sweden); Susanna Sissonen (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland), Denmark, Iceland
10.35-11.25 11.35-12.25 Lunch break  
11.25-11.55 12.25-12.55 Climate change and emerging biothreats Olli Vapalahti (University of Helsinki, Finland)
11.55-12.25 12.55-13.25 Zoonotic antimicrobial resistance Annamari Heikinheimo (Finnish Food Authority)
12.25-12.55 13.25-13.55 Zoonotic risks of rescue dogs Heidi Rossow (Finnish Food Authority)
12.55-13.25 13.55-14.25 Coffee break  
13.25-14.25 14.25-15.25 Experiences from laboratory biorisk management during the COVID-19 pandemic Each country / discussion Joakim Wistedt (Public Health Agency of Sweden, Sweden); Tone Johansen (Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway); Carita Savolainen-Kopra (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland), Denmark, Iceland
14.25-14.30 15.25-15.30 Closing words