Fr.o.m. detta nummer av EPI-aktuellt kommer vi att en gång per månad publicera en lista (med länkar) över nya publikationer från ECDC under nedanstående rubrik:

Recent ECDC publications available online (March 2009):

TB surveillance in Europe 2007
The first joint ECDC/WHO TB surveillance report presents and analyses data collected for 2007 in the European Union, the European Free Trade Association and the additional 23 countries of the WHO European Region.
Most countries of the EU and EEA/EFTA have continued to experience a steady decrease in overall TB notification rates over the last few decades. However, the proportion of multidrug-resistant TB being found is a cause for concern.
Possible target readership: Experts working on tuberculosis, public health policymakers, stakeholders, interested general public.
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Meeting report: ECDC workshop on social determinants and communicable diseases
In March 2009, ECDC hosted a workshop on ‘Social determinants and communicable diseases’ in Sofia, Bulgaria. During the workshop, participants exchanged best practices of interventions on social determinants of communicable diseases; discussed methods for engaging vulnerable groups; and assessed potential impacts of the economic crisis on the spread of communicable disease.
Possible target readership: public health officials; experts in the field of infectious diseases, epidemiology and infection control.
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Meeting report: Training strategy for intervention epidemiology in the European Union Third ECDC consultation with the Member States
This document reviews and updates the implementation of the ECDC training strategy in intervention epidemiology, in order to strengthen the EU’s capacity of response to epidemics and reinforce collaboration with international counterparts. Some of the topics discussed: ECDC’s past training activities, training work plan for 2009, specific training needs of Member States, and the new EPIET Training Site Forum.
Possible target readership: epidemiologists, professionals responsible for training in epidemiology, public health experts, public health officials.
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Meeting report: Consultation of the ECDC Competent Bodies for Preparedness and Response
The Competent Bodies (CBs) are ECDC’s primary points of contact when looking for scientific expertise in the Member States. During the October 2008 meeting of ECDC’s CBs for Preparedness, the discussion mainly focused on ECDC’s role in generic preparedness. While the Health Security Committee addresses generic preparedness in the EU, ECDC has an important role in providing technical support to the work of the Health Security Committee and supporting Member States with specific elements of generic preparedness plans.
In a separate session, the CBs for Response reviewed the latest version of a document on ‘Guiding principles for response’. They also discussed some of ECDC’s response activities, e.g. EU-level threat assessments following EWRS event notifications.
Possible target readership: public health officials, experts in preparedness and response, meeting participants.
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Meeting report: Expert meeting on chikungunya modelling
This April 2008 meeting brought together modellers, entomologists and public health officials from several European countries. During the discussions, it became apparent that chikungunya outbreaks can be modelled either by using an epidemic model integrated in the calculations, or by analysing raw data.
Additional model development is needed to include the effects of imposed interventions in the models and to assess how interventions are related to the size of the mosquito population.
Data related to the vector are still sparse. Some models have entirely bypassed the vector and estimated seasonality from an epidemic curve, or have included an estimated seasonal vector density. In order to provide more precise calculation results, the size of the vector population needs to be determined and human cases have to be included.
Possible target readership: public health officials, entomologists, mathematical modellers.
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Meeting report: Consultation on Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever prevention and control
This report is the result of a multidisciplinary consultation of CCHF experts, held at ECDC on 19 September 2008. Their mission was to update the main epidemiological, microbiological and clinical characteristics of CCHF, to review the areas at risk for introduction and spread of CCHF within Europe and to identify appropriate preparedness interventions on the European level.

Possible target readership: public health officials; experts in the field of infectious diseases, epidemiology, microbiology and infection control.
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Factsheets: vector-borne diseases
Factsheets for healthcare professionals have been added to ECDC’s website for the following diseases: babesiosis, Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, chikungunya, dengue fever, hantaviruses, leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, Lyme disease, malaria, plague, Rift Valley fever, tick-borne encephalitis, tick-borne relapsing fever, tularaemia, West Nile fever and yellow fever.
Possible target readership: healthcare professionals, experts in vector-borne diseases.
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