Recent ECDC publications available online (May – June 2009)

Annual Report of the Director 2008

A report on ECDC’s work in 2008; a year in which the Centre focused on consolidating its broad public health functions. Activities are described by unit and by disease-specific programme. Information on ECDC’s organisational structure, Management Board, Advisory Forum and Competent Bodies can be found in the Annexes, together with a summary of the budget. Possible target readership: stakeholders, policymakers, public health officials and interested general public.
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Since 30 April ECDC has been working on a number of documents related to the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic. As well as daily Situation Reports
the following have been published or updated.

Frequently asked questions on influenza virus A(H1N1)

Influenza A(H1N1): Information for travellers

Influenza A(H1N1): Personal protective measures (Multilingual versions)

Influenza pandemics: Known facts and known unknowns

Pandemics of influenza

Influenza: How human influenza transmits from person to person

Influenza: Personal measures to reduce the risk of catching influenza or passing it on

ECDC INTERIM GUIDANCE: Mitigation and delaying (or ‘containment’) strategies as the new influenza A(H1N1) virus comes into Europe

As epidemics of the new influenza A(H1N1) virus are extending globally, some European countries are considering how robustly to undertake case-finding among the first cases and whether to pursue and treat contacts. This guidance paper describes the background and presents the evidence, experience and practical considerations to assist EU/EEA countries in making policy decisions regarding mitigation and delaying (or ‘containment’) strategies.

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Meeting report: Expert consultation on rabies post-exposure prophylaxis

Rabies poses a potential health risk due to the recent shortage of post-exposure prophylaxis for potentially exposed patients reported by several countries. In order to address these questions on a European level, ECDC organised a multidisciplinary consultation of rabies experts on 15 January 2009 to address questions of vaccine/immunoglobulin availability and distribution.
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Meeting report: European pandemic influenza planning assumptions

In January 2009, ECDC held a meeting of experts engaged in formulating pandemic influenza planning assumptions at a European level. The main objectives of the meeting were: gathering together the assumptions used in and within countries (national versus local perspective) and those recommended by international bodies; discussing which assumptions are useful for planners; discussing the differences in assumptions among European countries and whether they matter; and identifying gaps and agreeing on whether or not a European consensus on planning assumption ranges would be useful and what further work should be undertaken.
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Technical report: Development of Aedes albopictus risk maps
Using data from dozens of European countries, a team of entomologists developed a database and a set of tools to produce a series of maps that show the precise current distribution of Aedes albopictus in Europe. In addition, this report assesses the risk for establishment of Aedes albopictus in Europe.
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Technical Document: Transport Protocol Specification, CSV – Comma Separated Value, TESSy – Version 2.3

The purpose of this document is to describe the data transport format and the procedure for reporting infectious disease surveillance data to ECDC using TESSy. This document is targeted to data providers of TESSy that are responsible for data upload, i.e. mainly data managers in the national surveillance institutes of the EU Member States and the EEA countries.
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ECDC Insight – April-June 2009 issue
This eight page quarterly newsletter keeps you up to date with what is going on in ECDC. It contains news and features about the work of ECDC. It also introduces you to some people involved both in ECDC and in our partner organisations. Possible target readership: general public, ECDC stakeholders. Read more>

ECDC Executive Science Update – April-June 2009 issue

This two page quarterly bulletin gives you a rapid briefing on key scientific outputs from ECDC – and their potential implications for policy makers.
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