Recent ECDC publications available online (June 2009) - Update

Since 30 April ECDC has been working on a number of documents related to the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic. As well as daily Situation Reports

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the following have been published or updated.

Frequently asked questions on influenza virus A(H1N1)

How to communicate response strategies to influenza A(H1N1)v: Mitigation versus delaying

Preliminary report on case-based analysis of influenza A(H1N1) in EU and EEA/EFTA countries

Analysis of influenza A(H1N1)v individual data in EU and EEA/EFTA countries

An epidemiological analysis of the latest data on individual cases of A(H1N1)v provided by the national contact points for surveillance and the Early Warning and Response System contact points of the EU and EEA/EFTA countries.

ECDC Risk Assessment - Human cases of influenza A(H1N1)v

First isolation of a secondary oseltamivir-resistant A(H1N1)v strain in Denmark

Technical Report: Guide to public health measures to reduce the impact of influenza pandemics in Europe – ‘The ECDC Menu’

This document presents a menu of possible public measures to be taken during influenza pandemics, giving public health and scientific information on what is known or can be said about their likely effectiveness, costs (direct and indirect), acceptability, public expectations and other more practical considerations. The ‘ECDC Menu’ aims to help EU Member States and institutions, individually or collectively, decide which measures they will apply.

Possible target readership: policymakers, decision-makers, influenza experts, public health experts, general public, media.

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Interim guidance: Public health use of influenza antivirals during influenza pandemics

Antiviral drugs are an important addition to the public health arsenal against influenza. This interim guidance discusses the options for their effective use, especially during a pandemic. As the 2009–10 pandemic evolves, this guidance will be kept under review and updated as necessary.

Possible target readership: public health officials, policymakers, clinicians

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Technical Report: Surveillance and studies in a pandemic in Europe

This document summarises the current thinking on Surveillance and Studies in a Pandemic in Europe, taking a broad definition to include early assessment, monitoring and the investigation of impact and safety of public health countermeasures (including the use of antivirals and vaccines).

Possible target readership: policymakers, public health experts, surveillance experts.

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Summary of key publications 2008

ECDC has created a new series of publications: a yearly compilation of executive summaries from its most important documents. The new series is targeted at policymakers and will be translated into all official EU languages, plus Icelandic and Norwegian. The first edition, Summary of key publications 2008, is a compilation of summaries from nine selected ECDC documents published in 2008. Highlights include short versions of the Framework action plan to fight tuberculosis in the European Union, the Annual epidemiological report on communicable diseases in Europe 2008 and the HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe – 2007.

Possible target readership: policymakers, public health experts.

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Guidance: Chlamydia control in Europe

Chlamydia trachomatis is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in Europe. Despite the high incidence rate of chlamydia, almost half of the countries that responded to a recent survey of chlamydia control activities reported no organised activity.

This document outlines the steps necessary to implement a comprehensive and effective control programme. It also offers advice on how to monitor and evaluate such programmes in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Possible target readership: public health officials, STI experts

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Technical report: Risk assessment guidelines for infectious diseases transmitted on aircraft

In the closed cabin environment of modern airplanes, passengers are frequently exposed to various infectious diseases. This report looks at 12 infectious diseases and, by systematically evaluating literature on on-board transmission, attempts to assess the risk of infection via air circulation in airplanes.

Possible target readership: public health officials, experts in preparedness and response, airline employees.

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Meeting report: Scientific Consultation Group — second meeting

In December 2008, ECDC hosted the second meeting of its Scientific Consultation Group (SCG). The main objective of the SCG meeting was to exchange experiences and views on research priorities regarding infectious diseases in Europe and to identify and prioritise topics for future research on infectious diseases, based on expected health threats. A second objective was to discuss the development of guidelines for infectious diseases in Europe.

Possible target readership: public health officials; meeting participants, members of scientific bodies or other organisations, experts in the field of infectious diseases, epidemiology, case management, and infection control.

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