The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 11 February 2022

An OPEN platform for antibiotic stewardship

To promote the responsible use of antibiotics different sets of actions are needed. The OPEN stewardship project aims to develop an online platform for enabling medical and veterinary practitioners to improve their antibiotic prescribing. It aims to be simple, effective and easy to use and in addition, it requires low resources.

Antibiotic stewardship programs can be defined as organizational or system-wide health-care strategies to promote appropriate use of antibiotics through the implementation of evidence-based interventions. The OPEN stewardship platform aims to be used within such programs, as a tool to facilitate the use of regional and local information and data to improve understanding, awareness, and management of infections due to antibiotic resistant organisms. The users of the platform are based in primary care or in veterinary practices and will receive feedback of prescribing data, as well as have access to shared best practice guidelines and antibiotic resistance patterns. The outcomes will have impact also for public health, agriculture professionals as well as for policy making.

Expanding antibiotic stewardship globally

The project, which is funded by the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR), started in 2018 and will run through 2022. The project includes platform development, a pilot study and evaluation of the platform. The Public Health Agency is a part of the group that develops the platform and in ensuring the usability, functionality and user satisfaction of the system. An important aspect is the sustainability plan to find long-term operation of the system and implementation across a variety of care settings on a global scale.

The project partners represent human health and animal health

Participants: Public Health Agency of Sweden; Canada: University of Toronto, University of Guelph; Israel: Jerusalem College of Technology, Ben Gurion University; USA: Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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