Support to Latvia in the implementation of their One Health national action plan

The Swedish Board of Agriculture (SBA) and the Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS) are supporting Latvia in implementing their One Health national action plan against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). By arranging workshops and assisting with expertise, capacity development is facilitated.

A kick-off meeting for the project was held in Riga on 28 November 2019, with participants from both Latvia and Sweden. The preliminary project plan was reviewed and adapted to suit Latvian conditions. It was concluded that adaptation is a key word and that sustainability must be strived for throughout the action.

The project includes the following three outcomes

Outcome 1

The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and Food and Veterinary Service are empowered to implement the One Health national action plan.

Outcome 2

Human and animal health professionals and animal farmers are provided with skills and tools for prudent use of antibiotics as a mean to prevent and contain AMR.

Outcome 3

An intersectoral coordinating mechanism(ICM) is put in place to support information sharing and collaboration between sectors on various aspects of AMR among relevant professionals.

For the animal sector, the tool-box in outcome 2 concerns preventive animal health and prudent use of antibiotics and for the human sector the focus is on antibiotic stewardship in hospitals and will include an online education in antibiotic rounds. The project was slowed down initially due to the covid-19 pandemic, but after some adjustments to suit the new preconditions it is now moving forward. One such adjustment is that workshops and meetings have been digital, including the hands-on practice of prioritization and implementation of the activities in the One Health national action plan.

The project is financed by the European Commission according to agreement number SRSS/S2019/080.