Swedish work against antibiotic resistance – a one health approach

Levels of antibiotic use and resistance in Sweden are among the lowest of the European countries, both in the human and animal sector. Early awareness and long-term interdisciplinary and intersectoral actions are important contributors to this relatively favorable situation. Read more in the brochure describing Swedish work against antibiotic resistance from a one health perspective.

The global rise and unprecedented spread of resistance calls for continuous and intensified work. The Swedish experience is that antibiotic resistance can be tackled more efficiently if all levels of society work together towards a common goal.

This brochure is published by the agencies and organisations included in the Intersectoral Coordinating Mechanism, ICM. The ICM engages governmental agencies and organisations working in human health, animal health, food, environment, research, trade and civil contingency planning and is jointly run by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Swedish work against antibiotic resistance – a One Health approach

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