The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 14 October 2020

Using public transport

To prevent catching or spreading COVID-19, you have a personal responsibility to travel using the safest mode of transport. If you have any symptoms that could be due to COVID-19, you must not travel at all. To reduce the burden on public transport, consider using other modes of transport such as walking, cycling or using your own car.

If you need to use public transport, you should choose a method that enables you to book a seat, such as the train. If possible, avoid public transport where you cannot book a seat, such as trams, the metro and city buses.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance from other passengers and follow the instructions in force for the mode of transport you are using. Transport companies may have specific procedures and adaptations in place. Check the transport operator’s website for information.

Follow the general advice

Always follow the general advice on how to protect yourself and others when you are travelling. Remember to always wash your hands after your journey. Hand sanitiser can be an alternative if you are not able to wash your hands.