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Updated 13 March 2023

COVID-19 and children

COVID-19 and children

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    A child with new symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a runny nose, sore throat, fever, cough or feeling generally unwell, needs to stay home until their condition has improved. If the child has had a fever, they must have been fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to preschool. The child can return to preschool and other activities, even if they still have some respiratory symptoms. As their parent or guardian, you determine when your child can return to preschool.

    • Follow these guidelines each time new symptoms appear.
    • Contact your regular healthcare centre or 1177 if you need medical advice.
    • Other procedures may apply in conjunction with contact tracing.

    Updated: 11/30/2021 11:43:42 AM

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