The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 25 November 2020

Publicly available information on tobacco products

This webpage contains information about the tobacco products that are provided to consumers in Sweden and have been submitted to the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Requirements for reporting tobacco products

Only tobacco products that have submitted information about their ingredients may be provided to consumers in Sweden.

Here you will find more information about rules on tobacco products.

Information on tobacco products

Information that is not confidential about submitted tobacco products is displayed in the Excel file below. This does not mean that the Agency has verified that the products meet all legal requirements. Only tobacco products whose launch date have passed, and not been withdrawn by the submitter are displayed in the file.

The file is updated once a month. The date for last update is displayed in the file.

The provisions on which this information is based

You always have an obligation to know what applies by law. The information on this website is intended solely to help you, and does not replace what is written in the law. There may also be other laws or regulations from other authorities that you must be aware of. The Public Health Agency continuously updates the content, but we cannot guarantee that the information on the page is always completely up to date.