The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 14 March 2022

Reporting of ingredients for tobacco products

Manufacturers or importers of tobacco products are responsible to submit information on ingredients and quantities thereof in tobacco products to the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Reporting system

The EU has a dedicated web portal for the reporting of ingredients: EU-CEG. More information about the web portal can be found here.

EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG)

To be able to report information through the EU-CEG, you first need to create an EU Login (formerly ECAS account) and apply for an identification number (the Submitter ID).

When reporting, it is possible to indicate whether the information provided is a trade secret or otherwise confidential.

Responsibilities applied to manufacturers and importers

Which manufacturer or importer should provide information on the ingredients in the tobacco products depends on the following:

  • If the manufacturer is established in the EU, it is primarily the manufacturer who is obliged to report the information
  • If the manufacturer is established in a country that is not a member of the EU or the EEA (European Economic Area), but the importer is established in the EU, it is primarily the importer who is required to report the information.
  • If both the manufacturer and the importer are established in a country that is not a member of the EU or the EEA, they are jointly obliged to report the information.

Reporting of ingredients and emissions

Manufactures and importers of tobacco products shall submit the following information by brand name and type:

  • a list of all  ingredients, and quantities thereof , used in the manufacture of tobacco products. The ingredients must be sorted in descending order according to the weight of each ingredient included in the tobacco product
  • the emission levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide per cigarette and which laboratories are used to measure these emissions. More information can be found here about maximum emissions levels from cigarettes (gränsvärden för cigaretter).

The list of all ingredients shall also:

  • be accompanied by a statement setting out the reasons for the inclusion of such in the tobacco products concerned
  • indicate the status of the ingredients, including whether they have been registered in  under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 
  • indicate the classification of the ingredients under Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008
  • be accompanied by the relevant toxicological data regarding  the ingredients in  burnt or unburned form, as appropriate, referring in particular to  their effects on the health of consumers and taking into account, inter alia, any addictive effects.

Furthermore, for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco, a technical document setting out a general description of the additives used and their properties, shall be submitted by the manufacturer or importer.

Modified or withdrawn tobacco product

If the composition of the ingredients in a tobacco product is modified in such a way that it affects the information previously provided, a new report shall be submitted.

Manufacturers and importers of tobacco products must also report to us if the product is withdrawn from the market.

When to report a tobacco product

A tobacco product (new or modified already reported product) shall be reported no later than eight weeks before a tobacco product is intended to be provided to consumers on the Swedish market. The withdrawal of a reported tobacco product must also be made no later than eight weeks before it is withdrawn. However, if the withdrawal could not have been foreseen, the notification shall be made without delay.

The provisions on which this information is based

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