The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 3 March 2022

Traceability marking

All unit packets of cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco must be marked with a unique identifier – a traceability marking. This will also be applicable for other tobacco products produced in the Union or imported to the Union from May 20th 2024. The traceability marking enables the traceability of the tobacco products throughout the legal supply chain in the EU.

Unique identifiers

Cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco that are supplied to consumers on the Swedish market must be marked with unique identifiers issued by the Swedish ID issuer.

ID issuer's website (In Swedish, language can be selected)

More information on ordering unique identifiers and the traceability system

Format for unit level unique identifiers

The unit level unique identifiers (UIs), generated by the ID issuer, consists of 18 characters, to which a date stamp of 8 characters is added, making a total of 26 characters.

The UIs consists of four parts:

  1. The ID issuer’s code: according to ISO14549-2, 5 characters (QCALL)
  2. A unique serial number: according to ISO646, this consists of [a-z; A-Z; 0-9), a total of 9 characters
  3. A product code, consisting of [a.z; A-Z; 0-9), a total of 4 characters; the code makes it possible to determine
    • The place of manufacturing
    • The manufacturing facility (identification code)
    • The manufacturing machine (identification code)
    • The product description (type, brand, weight etc.)
    • The intended market of retail sale (country)
    • The intended shipment route (cross-border transport, first country after manufacture/import into EU)
    • Where applicable, the importer into the Union
  4. Time stamp, format YYMMDDhh, a total of 8 characters, indicates the time of manufacture as above, generated by the manufacturer or importer.

Figure. The four parts of the unique identification marking.

The four parts of the unique identification marking.

Format for unique identifiers for aggregated packaging

In order to simplify the registration of tobacco products, aggregated codes can be created. The aggregated unique identifiers may be created either by the economic operators themselves, or by the ID issuer after an application for aggregated codes from the economic operator.

The aggregated unique identifiers must follow the structure of article 11.1 if generated by the ID issuer. If created by the economic operator themselves, it shall consist of an individual code generated in accordance with ISO/IEC 15459-1:2014 or ISO/IEC 15459-4:2014 or their most recent counterparts.

Fees for unit level unique identifiers

The ID issuer may only charge fees for electronically supplied unit level unique identifiers (UIs). The fee is laid down by the Government in:

Regulation (2019:224) on fees for unique identification markings on tobacco packaging (