The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 3 March 2022

What applies to wholesalers and distributors

Wholesalers and distributors are responsible for securing that all unit packs of cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco have the correct labelling, including traceability marking and security features.

If you are engaged in wholesale trade in tobacco products (cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco) or engaged in the trade in tobacco products (distributor) without selling to consumers, you may only sell tobacco products with traceability and security features to the retail trade. If these markings are missing, the product may not be sold.

Application of aggregated unique identifiers

As a wholesaler or a distributor, you are responsible for putting a unique identifier on the aggregated units you create. The aggregated unique identifier shall be applied to the aggregated package with a data carrier with an optical machine-readable code and also a human readable code.

More information on ordering unique identifiers and the traceability system

Data carrier

The optically readable code on the aggregated package shall be in one of the three approved formats in Article 21.5 of Implementing Regulation 2018/574.

In order to distinguish the data carrier for traceability from other data carriers which may be present on aggregated packages, TTT may be added to the marking next to the data carrier.

Human readable code

You are responsible for ensuring that each data carrier also contains a code that can be read by humans and that makes it possible to search for the unique identifier in the database. If the dimensions of the packaging permit, the human readable code shall be next to the optical data carrier with the unique identifier.