Our organisation as text

On this page you will find the organisation of the Public Health Agency of Sweden as text, for those who use screen readers.

Organisation and Advisory Board


Directly under the Director-General: Director-General’s Office, the Legal Office, and the Advisory Board.

Departments and associated units of the Public Health Agency of Sweden

Department of Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection

  • Unit for Antibiotics and Infection Control
  • Unit for Coordination and Surveillance of Seasonal Viruses
  • Unit for Environmental Health
  • Unit for Preparedness and Crisis Management
  • Unit for Pharmaceutical preparedness and logistics
  • Unit for Sexual Health and HIV Prevention
  • Unit for Zoonoses and Antibiotic Resistance

Department of Communication

  • Unit for Digital Channels and Production
  • Unit for Editorial Content and Press
  • Unit for Planned Communication

Department of Development and Support

  • Unit for Archive Registration and registry
  • Unit for Finance
  • Unit for Funding and Procurement
  • Unit for Human Resources
  • Unit for Information Technology
  • Unit for Office- and Answering Services
  • Unit for Property Management and Security

Department of Living Conditions and Lifestyles

  • Unit for Alcohol Prevention
  • Unit for Drug Prevention
  • Unit for Gambling Prevention and Coordination of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Gambling
  • Unit for Health-promoting Lifestyles
  • Unit for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Unit for Product Control
  • Unit for Tobacco Prevention

Department of Microbiology

  • Unit for Biopreparedness
  • Unit for Diagnostic Preparedness of Notifiable and High Consequence Pathogens
  • Unit for Laboratory Development and Technology Transfer
  • Unit for Laboratory Surveillance of Bacterial Pathogens
  • Unit for Laboratory Surveillance of Viral Pathogens and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Unit for Parasitology

Department of Public Health Analysis and Data Management

  • Unit for Analysis
  • Unit for Data and Registers
  • Unit for Coordinated Public Health
  • Unit for Epidemiological Monitoring
  • Unit for Public Health Reporting and Evaluation
  • Unit for Vaccination Programmes