Eating habits

Healthy eating habits include a high intake of fruit and vegetables and low consumption of saturated fat, salt and sugar. However, eating habits are complex and many factors play a role in the choice of food, for example, culture, accessibility and supply, as well as price and marketing.

Low intake of fruit and vegetables is included on WHO's list of risk factors for burden of disease in high-income countries. In Sweden, only one in ten adults eats fruit and vegetables at least five times per day, as recommended by WHO. However, there are differences in terms of age, gender and social position which can contribute to inequalities in health. Among other things, more women than men and more individuals with high compared to low education eat fruit and vegetables at least five times per day. No major changes over time have taken place.

Our mission

The work of the Public Health Agency of Sweden aims to create conditions for healthy eating habits. We monitor the development of and knowledge on the eating habits of the population, including different factors which can affect this.