The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 22 May 2018

Environmental health

A good environment is a prerequisite for good health for current and future generations. 'Environment' does not only refer to nature but also the indoor environment, where we can be exposed to, for example, radon, chemicals, damp, mould and noise.

Our mission

Our mission within environmental health is to detect, prevent, eliminate and monitor health risks in the environment.

One of our tasks is to guide the environmental health offices of municipalities as well as the county administrative boards regarding the Swedish Environmental Code concerning indoor environment, hygiene and environmental infection. Supervision of these areas is performed by municipalities and covers residences as well as public premises, for example, pre-schools, schools, housings for elderly, public swimming pools and asylum housings.

Examples of areas in which we provide guidance to municipalities and county administrative boards include:

  • indoor noise and high sound levels
  • ventilation, air quality
  • damp and microorganisms
  • radon
  • temperature
  • vermin
  • hygiene
  • environmental infection
  • electromagnetic fields
  • public swimming pools (water purification and air quality)
  • cleaning in schools and pre-schools

Another task is to develop and disseminate knowledge within other environmental health areas, for example, the adaptation of society to a changing climate, chemicals in the indoor environment and community planning for good health. We also monitor how environmental factors affect the health of the Swedish population. National surveys are conducted every fourth year. We also represent Sweden in the work concerning environmental health within WHO/Europe and within the European Environment Agency (EEA).