The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 4 February 2019

Coordinated suicide prevention

The Public Health Agency of Sweden coordinates, monitors, develops and disseminates knowledge to prevent suicide.

The Public Health Agency coordinates suicide prevention at a national level. We also strive to promote that the preventive work is conducted according to the best available knowledge.

Many authorities and other stakeholders on different levels of society have assignments and activities that contribute to suicide preventive work. Since May 2015, the Public Health Agency of Sweden has been commissioned by the government to coordinate prevention at a national level.

Our role is to develop coordination and monitoring of suicide and suicide preventive work, as well as to develop and disseminate knowledge support, adapted to the needs of different target groups.

Each authority and stakeholder involved in suicide preventive work is responsible for developing measures within its respective sector. We are responsible for developing knowledge in the field of public health.


Our coordination is carried out through a national collaboration group of authorities and a national interest group with researchers and representatives of the non-profit sector (NGO's). The aim of national coordination is to:

  • bring together and develop suicide preventive work,
  • identify areas for collaboration and create synergies between national stakeholders,
  • highlight the need for knowledge, and
  • prevent duplication of efforts.


We monitor the development of suicide and suicide preventive work. This is performed by analysing and presenting statistics e.g. on trends in suicide rates and by mapping suicide preventive measures.

Knowledge support

We develop and disseminate knowledge about suicide and suicide prevention, based on the needs of different target groups. This may include summarizing research and presenting it in a way that is adapted to different target groups, such as in factsheets, and spreading it through different channels e.g. on the web, in social media, at conferences and seminars. Our work with knowledge support focuses on population-based suicide prevention, i.e. measures mainly carried out outside the health care sector.

A diagram showing the structure of National coordination

A diagram showing the structure of National coordination

National coordination contributes to the exchange of knowledge between different sectors in society.