Microbiology, Diagnostics and Biorisk management

The Public Health Agency of Sweden performs microbiological laboratory analysis including diagnostics and supports quality and method development at laboratories engaged in diagnostics of communicable disease pathogens.

Photos illustrating microbiology and diagnostics

Customer support

Department of Microbiology offers customer support on a daily basis. For questions regarding our analyses, sampling, expert advice you can contact us either by phone, weekdays 9.00–12.00 and 13.00–15.30, or via E-mail.

Phone: +46-10-205 24 44

E-mail to Customer support

Our high containment laboratories have round-the-clock preparedness every day of the year to conduct microbiological diagnostics of high-consequence infectious agents that pose a particular danger to human health.

One important task is to provide expert support to investigations of suspected or confirmed outbreaks of communicable diseases and to maintain laboratory preparedness needed for effective communicable disease control in the country.

We also provide operational support to the regions and municipalities during outbreaks.

Another important task is to provide expert support in the area of biosafety and biosecurity. The agency pursues this task through courses, thematic seminars, workshops, E-tools and recommendations in risk assessment and biorisk management.


If you are interested in our services please contact our customer support, see above.

For our contract customers, for referral of diagnostic samples please contact customer support during office hours (weekdays 08.00–12.00, 13.00–15.30 CET) or after office hours our clinical microbiologist on duty on +46-10-205 24 00.