Biosafety and biosecurity

Establishments that in different ways handle biological agents and toxins are responsible for ensuring that humans, animals and the environment are protected against biological risks – so-called biorisks – in accordance with the country's laws and ordinances.

Biosafety defines the containment conditions under which biological agents and toxins can be safely handled to protect humans and the environment from exposure in the event of incidents and accidents in laboratories. Biosecurity aims to minimize the risk of loss, theft, misuse, misappropriation or intentional unauthorized release of biological agents and toxins.

In order to ensure effective biorisk management at the Public Health Agency of Sweden an internal biorisk management programme has been implemented. This programme aims to reduce biological risks of various kinds and encompasses both biosafety and biosecurity.

The Agency also provides other authorities, regions, municipalities and organizations with biorisk management training, expert support for risk analysis and capacity building support in biosafety and biosecurity.