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The Nordic Biosafety Network is an expanding community with members from national authorities and institutes, public health, academia and industry. Nordic Biosafety Network runs the Nordic Biosafety Network Forum, an internet based forum for discussions concerning biosafety and biosecurity. It offers a new possibility for members of the Nordic Biosafety Network to find colleagues for co-operations, to find members with certain expertise, to the sharing

of best practices with regards to technology and techniques relevant to biosafety, simply to discuss all aspects of biorisk management. The Forum is closed down for reconstruction and information will follow when re-opened.


Next meeting

Next Nordic Biosafety Network Meeting will take place 15-16 March 2023, at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

More about NBN15: 2023 in Copenhagen


To join the Nordic Biosafety Network is free of cost. By joining, you will receive information on upcoming meetings and developments on biosafety in the Nordic countries.

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