Updated 18 January 2019

Join the Nordic Biosafety Network

To join the Nordic Biosafety Network is free of cost. By joining, you will receive information on upcoming meetings and developments on biosafety in the Nordic countries. You can also have access to the Nordic Biosafety Forum.

Step 1

To join the Nordic Biosafety Network, please send your contact information to nordicbiosafety@folkhalsomyndigheten.se

Step 2

Members of the Nordic Biosafety Network can access the Nordic Biosafety Forum. Register as a new member here.

After your membership has been activated by the administrators you are welcome to take part in the various discussion groups. Use the forum to find partners for new co-operations, to find members with certain expertise, to the sharing of best practices with regards to technology and techniques relevant to biosafety, or simply to discuss all aspects of how to manage biological risks.