The Forum, is an internet based forum for NBN Members that offers possibilities for interactions with peers, to find new colleagues for co-operations, to discuss various aspects of biorisk management and to share best practices with regards to technology and techniques relevant to biosafety and biosecurity.

At the Forum, Members will find presentations from previous Nordic Biosafety Network meetings. Members are also invited to post subjects for discussion.

Relevant information when organising a network meeting can also be found and used by the local organising team.

Members of the Nordic Biosafety Network can join the Forum by sending an e-mail with contact information to us.

Ground rules for interacting at the Forum

  • When posting content, please check-in regularly to have an overview of the response from other Members (no automatic notifications)
  • Although the website is password protected, please consider all information as “open” (please consider your organisation’s information security policies)
  • Advertisements with commercial interests are not allowed (if you are unsure, check with the administrator at Nordic Biosafety Network.