Nordic Biosafety Network

About the Nordic Biosafety Network

The Nordic Biosafety Network (NBN), founded in 2005, is an expanding community with members from national authorities and institutes, public health, academia and industry. Currently, the NBN has more than 150 members.

NBN provides unique networking opportunities for people working in the field of biorisk management and is open to professionals involved in biosafety or biosecurity at their workplace.


Next meeting

We are pleased to announce that the next Nordic Biosafety Network Meeting will take place 11 – 12 December 2024, lunch to lunch, in Stockholm. Theme of the meeting will be Biosecurity. Further information will be posted on this website in the next coming months.

Welcome to join us in Stockholm!


To join the Nordic Biosafety Network is free of cost. By joining, you will receive information on upcoming meetings and developments on biosafety in the Nordic countries.