Recommendations for vaccination against COVID-19 in spring 2024

The vaccination effort for recommended groups will take place in spring 2024, with a focus on the month of April.

Since August 2023, unvaccinated people without a weakened immune system are expected to receive a complete vaccination of one dose of vaccine.

All people aged 80 and older, and people aged 65 and older with daily care needs

  • People aged 80 years and older are recommended one dose in spring 2024.
  • Persons aged 65 years and older with daily care services from home care or special housing for older people (SÄBO), are recommended one dose in spring 2024.

People who only have home care services such as cleaning, security alarms or delivery of food boxes, are not included in the target group for the recommendation.

A person who was vaccinated last autumn and has also had confirmed COVID-19 after 1 October 2023 has good protection against severe COVID-19. A new vaccine dose in spring is not needed and the next dose can be taken in the autumn.

Special schedule for people with a weakened immune system

The Public Health Agency has no general recommendation for people with immunodeficiency. The patient group is broad and treating physicians determine the need for vaccination for these groups.

Most people with some form of immunodeficiency due to disease or treatment are included in the recommendation for annual vaccination against COVID-19 for the autumn and winter season. Some people with severe immunodeficiency need more frequent vaccination doses and in some cases, it may be appropriate for people with severe immunodeficiency to follow the recommendation for people older than 80 years. In many cases, vaccination needs to be done at times that fit in with other treatment.

In isolated cases, the treating physician may consider that there is an indication for the vaccination of relatives of persons with severe immunodeficiency.

Vaccination against COVID-19 for people not covered by the recommendation

People younger than 65 years and people aged 65–79 years without daily care services, do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in spring 2024. They are therefore not covered by the spring dose recommendation. However, doctors can prescribe vaccines to people who are not covered by the recommendation.

Risk groups

Individuals who are not covered by the above recommendation but have conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19, such as pregnancy or underlying disease, will be covered by the recommendation for one vaccine dose for the autumn/winter season 2024–2025.

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