Vaccinations are of great importance to public health. In Sweden, there are national vaccination programmes against several infectious diseases.

Many severe diseases which previously caused significant number of cases and deaths have now become more or less extinct in Sweden. Vaccinations have been paramount to achieve this. Following access to clean water and improved sanitation, vaccinations are the most efficient way to promote health and save lives.

In Sweden, all vaccinations are voluntary. Vaccinations included in national vaccination programmes shall be offered free of charge by regions (or municipalities for school-aged children) and registered in the national vaccination registry.

National vaccination programme for children

Children and adolescents are offered vaccinations against eleven diseases through the child and school health care services.

Children who have missed vaccinations or arrived in Sweden later than the scheduled time of vaccination are eligible for catch-up vaccinations.

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On this page you will find a table showing how the Swedish vaccination programme for children has evolved over the years: Previous Swedish vaccination programmes

National vaccination programme for risk groups

Persons at risk of severe pneumococcal infections are offered vaccinations against invasive pneumococcal disease by the regions.

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