Antibiotics and Antimicrobial resistance

Bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics is a growing public health problem that causes increased morbidity and mortality. It also involves large costs for the health services, for example in the form of prolonged hospital stays and more expensive drugs.

The use of antibiotics is linked to both the emergence and spread of resistance. Therefore, it is important to use antibiotics rationally – only when needed and in the correct way.

Our mission within the area of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance involve:

  • working to preserve the effect of antibiotics on bacterial infections in humans and animals
  • compiling and actively imparting knowledge to the health services, social services, and the general public on issues related to antibiotic resistance.
  • participating in ensuring that prescribers, other concerned professional groups, and the general public apply available knowledge on antibiotic resistance.
  • promoting initiatives at local and regional level on issues related to antibiotic resistance.
  • highlighting issues related to the emergence and spread of resistance in other microbes than bacteria, and issues related to healthcare associated infections and infection prevention and control, which are included in the responsibilities of the Agency.