Designated ports and airports in Sweden

Sweden has eight designated ports and five designated airports. These have the essential capacity to be able to detect and manage international threats to human health.

Municipalities and regions are responsible for these designated ports and airports, and have access to the staff and equipment necessary to respond to international threats to human health.

The IHR stipulate that designated ports and airports must have the capacity to:

  • diagnose and provide rapid assessment of ill passengers and provide care;
  • transport ill passengers to a suitable medical facility;
  • conduct health checks on both arriving and departing passengers;
  • provide isolated premises for examinations and, if necessary, quarantine both people and animals;
  • employ trained staff for inspection of ships or aircraft;
  • have an action plan against vectors and reservoirs.

The infectious disease physicians in regions with designated ports or airports are only responsible for coordinating communicable disease control within their region.

Designated ports

  • Gävle
  • Gothenburg
  • Helsingborg
  • Luleå
  • Malmö
  • Stockholm
  • Sundsvall
  • Umeå

Designated airports

  • Gothenburg – Landvetter
  • Jönköping
  • Malmö – Sturup
  • Stockholm – Arlanda
  • Umeå

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