Product requirements on tobacco free nicotine products

Tobacco free nicotine products that are available to consumers on the Swedish market must be compliant with product requirements.

The product requirements regulates the content of tobacco free nicotine products. You as a manufacturer or importer are responsible for the product being compliant with the product requirements.

  • Tobacco free nicotine products must not contain vitamins or other additives that create the impression that a product has a health benefit or presents reduced health risks. The products must also not contain caffeine or taurine or other additives and stimulant compounds that are associated with energy and vitality.
  • Only ingredients of high purity may be used in the manufacture of tobacco free nicotine products. Substances other than the ingredients contained in the product may only be present in trace levels, if such traces are technically unavoidable during manufacture.
  • Except for nicotine, only ingredients that do not pose a risk to human health may be used in in the manufacture of tobacco free nicotine products.
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