Uppdaterad 24 augusti 2022

A whole-of-society approach

Antibiotikasmart® Sverige work towards a vision of a society where everyone contributes to maintaining the effectiveness of antibiotics, now and in the future.

Our misuse of antibiotics threaten our abilities to meet several of the sustainability goals in Agenda 2030.

Antibiotikasmart® Sverige is a mission-oriented approach to system change. We emphasize the importance of antibiotic resistance not just as a medical issue, but as a public health issue that is relevant to the whole society and sustainable development.

The innovation environment Antibiotikasmart® Sverige aims to:
Promote innovation, inspire and engage citizens, municipalities and regions to be “antibiotic-smart”. This means developing, testing and bringing new solutions to scale to facilitate change across diverse sectors and organizations.

In an ”Antibiotic-Smart” Sweden…

• Citizens have knowledge about the consequences of antibiotic resistance, and what they can do to reduce spread of infection, and how to use antibiotics in a responsible way

• All municipalities and regions work with projects that prevent infections and supports sustainable antibiotic use

• There is an exchange of knowledge and experiences about antibiotic-smart working methods within Sweden and with our international environment

• There is continuous innovation that contribute to securing access to effective antibiotics

• We consider access yo effective antibiotics as a part of the sustaianable development of our society

We create an environment where different types of actors can establish long-term relationships and work together to strengthen existing and create new initiatives.