Water & wastewater

The water and wastewater sector can contribute with knowledge regarding the spread of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria into the environment from different sources and help prevent their spread.

Drawing of a water works

The criteria for water and wastewater organisations are designed to encourage active work within the sector in several areas. These include measurements, prevention of sewer overflow, sharing of knowledge and awareness raising among upstream operations/industries connected to the treatment plant. There are five criteria divided into four categories.

Examples of criteria for water and wastewater organisations:

Organisation & collaboration

  • One representative from the facility/ies participates actively in a municipality working group on antibiotic resistance, together with representatives from other antibiotic smart operations within the municipality.

Measurements & follow-up

  • The facility measures levels of selected antibiotic substances as well as indicator bacteria in outgoing water from treatment plants.

Working methods

  • The facility has documented preventative work as well as a plan to reduce the volume of untreated wastewater overflow.


  • The facility contributes to knowledge development, for example by participating in research projects or in knowledge exchange to share experiences and best practices in the work against antibiotic resistance.