Treatment recommendations and patient information

The Public Health Agency has published treatment recommendations for doctors and information leaflets for patients regarding when antibiotics are needed.

Treatment recommendations for the medical profession

Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment are needed to more clearly define when an antibiotic is indicated. To gain the highest possible credibility and acceptance they are written in consensus with experts representing several medical specialties from both out- and inpatient care. The Medical Product Agency and the Public Health Agency of Sweden have published national recommendations for treatment of common infections in outpatient care and national care programmes for infections in inpatient care have been developed by the Swedish Society of Infectious Diseases.

Information leaflets for patients

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has also published patient information about sore throat, sinus pain, acute ear infection, chest cold and impetigo. Five fact sheets that contain advice about when antibiotics are needed, expected course of the infection and when there is cause to revisit the doctor. In addition there is a sheet with eight frequent questions and answers about the cold.