An e-learning course about STRAMA in English - the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance

Sweden is among the countries with the lowest antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance rates in the world. To a large extent, this can be attributed to Strama, which is a nationwide working model to address antibiotic resistance in health care; in-patient care as well out-patient care and dentistry.

In this interactive e-learning course you will learn everything from key activities of Strama on the national and local level, to how Strama use data on resistance and consumption, and how Strama work with communication to engage the whole society to take action against antibiotic resistance.

The course is free of charge. It takes approximately 1.5 hr to complete from beginning to end. You can leave the course at any stage and resume at a later time. Your course progress will be saved. When you have successfully finished the course you will be able to print a certificate with your name.

Click on this link to go to the course (on the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website)

To get access to the course, choose the login method "Without internal credentials" to create a free account. After you have created an account and you have access to the learning platform, go to My Activities – where you will find the course under “Antibiotic Awareness”.

The chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Strama - a Swedish model for action against antibiotic resistance
  • Chapter 2: Key elements and activities of national Strama
  • Chapter 3: Key elements and activities of the regional Strama groups
  • Chapter 4: Strama’s use of data on antibiotic consumption, antibiotic use and compliance to quality indicators
  • Chapter 5: Strama’s use of data on antibiotic resistance
  • Chapter 6: Communicating Strama’s messages to influence knowledge and behaviour
  • Chapter 7: More information
  • Chapter 8: How to use this e-learning course

The introductory chapters (1-2) are suitable for decision-makers, while more technical chapters target professionals who are already involved in antimicrobial stewardship (3-6).

We hope you will find information that can be useful in promoting the rational use of antibiotics in your country, region, hospital, long-term care facility or out-patient clinic.

The course was developed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and STRAMA in collaboration with ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance and Antibiotic Smart Sweden. If you have questions on the content, please contact Strama: