Requirements on waterpipe tobacco

Before waterpipe tobacco may be available to consumers on the Swedish market, its manufacturer or importer must comply with the reporting of ingredients to us.

Waterpipe tobacco that are available to consumers on the Swedish market must also fulfil the annual reporting obligation, be compliant with product requirements and carry combined health warnings on its packages.

Excise duty

If you have questions about excise duty on tobacco that must be paid on tobacco goods manufactured in, imported into, or received in Sweden – either from another EU country or from a country outside the EU, please contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Excise duty on tobacco (

What is waterpipe tobacco?

Waterpipe tobacco is a tobacco product that can be consumed via a waterpipe. Waterpipe tobacco is deemed to be a tobacco product for smoking. If a product can be used both via waterpipes and as roll-your-own tobacco, it shall be deemed to be roll-your-own tobacco.

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