National ID issuer (traceability of tobacco products)

An ID issuer has a central function in the traceability system. The national ID issuer issues unique identification codes for economic operators, facilities and machines located in the country, as well as unique identity marks for tobacco products intended for the national market.

The ID issuer can also generate and issue unique identity marks for aggregated packaging of tobacco products.

The ID issuer shall create offline flat files and keep records of the identification codes issued, as well as ensuring that an up-to-date copy of all offline flat files, register and associated explanatory notices are transmitted to the secondary repository.

The Public Health Agency is the national ID issuer and has the right to hand over the assignment to a private actor. Following a procurement process, the Agency has signed an agreement with the Slovak company Allexis s.r.o. as the role of national ID issuer.

The ID Issuer Allexis unique identification code is QCALL and all identification codes and unique identifiers issued by Allexis begin with this code.

The ID issuer's website ( (In Swedish, language can be selected)

Identifier codes for economic operators, facilities and machines

Economic operators and operators of first retail outlets shall apply for an economic operator identifier code from the ID issuer competent for each Member State in which they operate at least one facility. Importers shall apply for an identifier code from the ID issuer competent for each Member State on whose market they place their products. The economic operators and operators of first outlets shall also apply for facility identifier codes for each facility it operates. Manufacturers and importers shall also apply for identifier codes for machines.

Competent ID issuer

Unique identifier codes are applied for from the competent ID issuer. If your business is located in Sweden or you have facilities or machines in Sweden, the competent ID issuer is Allexis s.r.o.

Allexis s.r.o. is also the competent ID issuer for the unique identifiers (UIs) to be applied to all unit packets of tobacco products (cigarettes and rolling tobacco) that are made available to consumers on the Swedish market.

Articles 14, 16 and 18 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 further specify to which ID issuer(s) the economic operators (and where relevant the operators of first retail outlets) shall apply to obtain an economic operator identifier code, a facility identifier code and a machine identifier code, respectively. The European Commission's website also has, under the heading "Competent ID issuers", a list of the national ID issuers appointed within the Union, as well as information about the application of the exemption in Article 4 (1).

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 (

Systems for tobacco traceability and security features/Competent ID issuers (

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