The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 24 November 2020


The information here is important to know for the manufacture and import of and trade in tobacco products.


The provisions on which this information is based are contained in the act and decree on tobacco and similar products, as well as our regulations.

Act (2018:2088) on tobacco and similar products

Regulation (2019:223) on tobacco and similar products

You can read, among other things, about rules on traceability and security features, health warnings, fees and cross-border distance sales. There is also the published list of which tobacco products have been reported to be supplied on the Swedish market.

List of which tobacco products have been reported (in Swedish)

Underlying pages

Trade in tobacco products

Here you will find information about the rules that apply to the sale of tobacco products. If you sell tobacco products, you should know about these. On this page you will find information about permits and sales, among other things...

Permit to sell tobacco products

Retailers and wholesalers who intend to sell tobacco must apply for a permit from the municipality. New rules for the sale of tobacco products came into force on the 1st of July 2019.

Labelling and packaging of tobacco products

Here you will find what requirements apply to the labelling and packaging of tobacco products. Packaging must have different health warnings depending on the type of tobacco product. Cigarettes and roll–your-own tobacco must also have traceability features...

Content and reporting

If you manufacture or import tobacco products and intend to sell these products on the Swedish market, you must submit information to us about ingredients, emissions and toxicological data. Certain information shall...

 Publicly available information on tobacco products

Here is a list of tobacco products that have been submitted to the Public Health Agency of Sweden.