How we work

Antibiotic Smart Sweden aims to inspire and engage the entire society – from municipalities and regions to individual residents – to become antibiotic-smart.

We can do this by developing, testing and scaling up new solutions such as products, services and working methods. It can also mean to further develop and strengthen already existing measures and approaches.

Here you can read about some of our efforts.

Development of antibiotic-smart criteria

Together with representatives of various stakeholders and relevant organisations, we develop criteria for what various sectors of society can do to become antibiotic smart. We pilot test these criteria before implementing them.

Here you can read more about the criteria work

Survey on residents' knowledge and behaviour

We have commissioned a survey of the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of Swedish residents in relation to antibiotics. The purpose is to allow for more effective efforts that promote smart behaviors and wise choices regarding antibiotics.

Analysis of curricula

We have researched and analysed school curricula to look for opportunities and obstacles for teaching about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in primary and secondary schools.

Support for implementing Primary Care Quality

Through the Cooperation Group focusing on Primary Care Quality (PVQ), we have developed an action plan to support the implementation of the national system for monitoring antibiotic prescriptions in primary care.

Here you can find the PVQ action plan in Swedish

Further development of antibiotic-smart nurses

We are evaluating and further developing Strama's concept of antibiotic-smart nurses and teams.

Mapping of other countries' efforts

In order to get inspiration and ideas for new efforts, criteria and collaborations, we have mapped various antibiotic-related initiatives that have been carried out in other countries at a local or regional level.