Antibiotic Smart Criteria

Antibiotic Smart Sweden can support communities and societies in their efforts to implement National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance.

National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance (

The development of antibiotic-smart criteria for different sectors – if adjusted to local contexts – can provide pathways on how to plan and implement certain activities under the National Action Plans. The criteria are intended to inspire ”smart” use of antibiotics and are developed through a process with dedicated working groups including network-building and dialogue with relevant stakeholders. The aim is to create a shared vision and locally relevant criteria. Once developed, they are piloted, evaluated and revised before full implementation.

The criteria process

Schematic picture of the criteria process as described in the paragraph below

This picture shows the criteria process. The process starts with criteria development, followed by the pilot phase. The next step is evaluating the criteria, followed by the revision step. The last step is full implementation of the criteria.

Antibiotic Smart Sweden is developing and pre-testing criteria for the following sectors:

Health Care Regions

  • Management level
  • Hospitals
  • Primacy care

Antibiotic Smart Sweden and Health Care Regions


  • Management level
  • Care for the Elderly and Disabled
  • Pre-schools
  • Schools
  • Wastewater Treatment

Antibiotic Smart Sweden and Municipalities

If you are interested in learning more about the process and current status of the criteria work in any sector, please contact us.