Uppdaterad 2 maj 2023

An e-learning course on Strama

Sweden is among the countries with the lowest antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance rates in the world. In part, this can be attributed to Strama - the Swedish Strategic Programme Against Antibiotic Resistance, which is a nationwide working model to address antibiotic resistance in health care; in-patient care as well out-patient care and dentistry.

As part of our work to support and share existing good working models and practice, Antibiotic Smart Sweden has contributed towards the development of an E-learning course in English about Strama – to provide inspiration and a foundation to adapt the Strama-model to conditions in other geographical settings.

In this interactive e-learning course you will learn everything from key activities of Strama on the national and local level, to how Strama use data on resistance and consumption, and how Strama work with communication to engage the whole society to take action against antibiotic resistance.

The course was developed by Strama in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Antibiotic Smart Sweden and ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance.

Watch the course trailer below.

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