Rules and regulations on traceability marking and security features on tobacco products

Tobacco products must be traceable, have traceability labels and security features as stated by law. Now the rules applies to cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco. From 20 May 2024, all tobacco products will be covered, but there are transitional rules. The Public Health Authority supervises that the rules are followed.

Transitional rules

Other tobacco products than cigarettes and rolling tobacco, manufactured in the Union or imported to the Union before 20 May 2024 may be sold without unique identifiers, so called traceability labels, and security features until 20 May 2026.

If the rules are not followed

The Public Health Agency of Sweden is the supervisory authority for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and in some cases retailers, with regard of traceability labelling, security features and traceability. The Public Health Agency may, in its supervisory capacity, issue the injunctions or prohibitions that are necessary for compliance with the law or a regulation issued pursuant to the law. The Public Health Authority may also decide that identifier codes shall be deactivated. A decision on an injunction or prohibition may be accompanied by a fine.


A fine is an amount of money to be paid if you do not comply with a decision by a supervisory authority. The fine is imposed by a court. The sum can be determined in advance and can amount to several thousand Swedish Crowns.


The regulations on which the information regarding traceability of tobacco products, traceability labelling and security features is based, can be found in the following links:

As an economic operator who trades in tobacco, you always have an obligation to know what applies by law. The information on this website is intended solely to help you, and does not replace what is written in the law. There may be other laws or regulations from other authorities that you must to be aware of. The Public Health Agency continuously updates the content, but we cannot guarantee that the information on the page is always completely up todate.

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